5 November 2013

nature in the home

One of our big old apple trees was caught up in last Monday's storm, which tore a large branch from the tree. Down with it came a huge ball of mistletoe. It's sad really, such a big old tree losing an arm and I'm already missing the sight of that big ball of mistletoe clinging on high up there. I've gathered lots up and bought it inside to decorate the house, a little early for Christmas maybe but I don't care. It's funny stuff, lurid yellowy green in colour with leaves looking pretty in pairs and not-quite-white yet berries. I thought it looked a little medusa-like in my lovely new Arbour Harbour bowl by Elisabeth Dunker, I ordered mine from here.

I'm joining Lou again with her weekly series, nature in the home.


  1. Such a beautiful bowl! And thank you for the link, I'm seriously considering treating myself to the cake plate.... xx!

    1. Your welcome, so many lovely things there! I should add I'm not sponsored in anyway, I just like to share things I like :)


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