21 October 2013

time to come in

I recently bought our many pots of pelargoniums and begonias indoors, where they'll stay overwinter. We did the same last year, though just with pelargoniums and they survived happily, so I'm hoping for similar results this year. I haven't tried this with begonias before and after reading lots about waiting for the foliage to die back and lifting the tubers (an ordeal that sounds, to me, like a lot of hassle) I decided to follow Amy's advice and just keep them in the pots - let's see what happens.


  1. I love pelargoniums too and have overwintered them before successfully. Not sure about the begonias, but they look beautiful so I hope they do well! x

    1. Hi Jen, Pelargoniums are so wonderful aren't they, they've been so good to us this year, just so many flowers. I hope they survive again. As for the begonias, they're quite new to me, but the flowers are just too beautiful, so couldn't not give it a go! x

  2. Those colours are beautiful - they'll really cheer the place up through the darker months to come x Jane


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