30 September 2013

some finds

We love to rummage through car boots, and bric a brac shops, though we've been restrained of late, instead taking hold of what we've got. Our spare room has now been decorated, the walls painted and floor lovingly repaired, all by my Dad. At last some of our treasures have a room to call their own. I can't remember where we found the mirror now, it's been hanging around for a long while waiting to find it's spot. The trolley, D found years ago dumped behind where he used to work - covered in rust, it cleaned it up pretty well. The rug came from a car boot earlier this year, the mosaic dish from a bric a brac shop near here and the stool we rescued from being thrown out, back at the block where we lived in London. All the room needs now is a bed then it will be complete - a little retreat for friends and family to stay. Plus I'm sure we've still a few more treasures tucked away!

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