4 June 2013

the creatives - william edmonds

Welcome again to 'the creatives' - a series I'm running here on the blog, introducing you to some of my favourite artists and designers, sharing a little of their work and asking them a few questions. This time I'd like to introduce William EdmondsI first came across William's work on Instagram and instantly fell in love with his empty head drinking vessels. I've been following what he's been up to since then and really love what he does, whether on paper or in clay. His style is playful and full of life.

So William, please tell us a little about yourself and what you do? 
I am an artist with a broad ranging output. My practice ultimately comes from drawing, but this can find itself manifest in works on paper, sculpture, drawing, print making, sound and more recently ceramics. Mark and timbre, line and verse, form and play. I am one third of Nous Vous a group of artists, friends and image makers.

What's the first thing you remember creating and how old were you? I don't know if it was the first thing but I remember making comics about a character called bubby chicken. A sort of cross between my mum and a rubber chicken. That guy got up to some scrapes, mostly actual scrapes. There were lots of sharp objects involved. This and I repeatedly drew Batman and Marvin the Martian.

What are you working on at the moment? 
I have just made a set of ceramics and a large wall piece for a group show in London that is happening very soon and I am working on a ceramic cocktail set and large fabric work for an upcoming Nous Vous show in London later in June. Aside from that with Nous Vous, in collaboration with couple of other individuals and organisations we are working on a large public art project that will kick off later in the summer.

Where do you look for inspiration? 
Some places for good vibes and pep ups, mainly the other members of Nous Vous (Nicolas Burrows and Jay Cover) but nowhere specific. There is so much around, I think more so I'm trying to unlearn things so I can make work that is a bit truer to myself.

What are your favourite magazines, and blogs? 
My friend Rhiannon's blog 'Intelligent Clashing' and her husband Joe's blog 'Void', Nathaniel Russell's unfaltering blog 'Crooked Arm' are regularly checked. I don't read too many magazines... Apartamento is nice.

If you could collaborate with anyone (living or dead who would that be)?
I would love to collaborate with Peter Shire as he is a brilliant artist and ceramist but has an amazing energy, plus a excuse to hang out in his Echo Park studio would be enough.
Do you sell your work? If so where? 
Yes! I sell my ceramics here but I am making a new shop site to house this new ceramic collection soon. I sell prints and books on my own site and through Nous Vous' store. I have a few ceramic bits stocked by shops in London.

Where can we find you? (blog, website, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)

Thank you William, for taking part in 'the creatives' series and giving us an insight into your work and what inspires you. 

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