9 June 2013


Some more Instagram pictures from our recent visit to Berlin. I just wish we could have stayed longer. 

  • pretty bedding in our Airbnb apartment
  • the Bauhaus Archiv
  • ON-TYPE exhibition, unfortunately the text in German only
  • pillar at Bauhaus Archiv
  • us reflected
  • deciding which poster will fit in our suitcase
  • inside the Archiv
  • nice type on the U-Bahn
So it seems Google Reader will be no more from July. I currently use it for catching up with all your blogs and like its look and functionality.  Which reader do you use? Please leave me your recommendations :)


  1. Such a lovely collage Polly. Glad you had such a great time. I'm still using Google Reader but I've moved everything over to Bloglovin already so I don't miss anything. x

    1. Thanks Jen! And thanks for the advice. I've switched over to Bloglovin during my lunch hour today, seems better actually I think I like it more :)

  2. Your pretty bedding has just reminded me.....I could so snuggle up right now!

    A beautiful collage.

    Nina x

  3. Like your collages and always amazed at how many instagram pics I miss as I feel like I'm on IG way too much for my own good! I don't know what reader to use... I have pulse on the ipad but its really bad when it comes to commenting on blogs, it has some bugs I think.

    1. It amazes me too how much of peoples Instagram feed I can miss despite being just a little addicted! Re readers, I switched to Bloglovin' and I'm quite happy with it, plus it was super easy.

  4. And nice kerning on the u-barn sign

    Great colours too. x


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