17 June 2013


Just some snapshots of life round here lately. 

  • spotted from the train window - Christiaan Nagel mushrooms
  • green in London - Hackney Marshes
  • hedgerow [near home]
  • a cute package
  • inside a ceramic boulder by Hazel Stark interviewed here
  • weeny radish from the garden
  • breakfast [papaya and banana]
  • a day warm enough for no socks
All taken with my iphone 4 and part of my Instagram feed. Hope you had a good weekend, I've today off too! Yipeee.


  1. I have just discovered instagram and loving it! Will have to work out how you did this fabulous collage, enjoy a day off x

    1. Oh I enjoy Instagram so much, so easy and handy isn't it? Terribly addictive too! I made my collage using Indesign (a program I use for design) but I'm sure there are other ways too :)

  2. Great pics. We have some mushrooms around here - they did a Street Art festival in Chichester a few weeks ago and are still there from that. Hope you had a good day off. xx

    1. The mushrooms are great aren't they, we even spotted one in Berlin! Chichester is on our list of places to head for a weekend away, so might see them there too one day :)

  3. great pictures, love the way you arrange them xxxxx


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