28 June 2013

east side gallery II

Thought I'd share a few more images from the East Side Gallery, also more here. It really bugged me how so many people felt the need to scrawl their name over the art, pretty much every pale coloured section of the artwork had been defaced in this way. I'm a big fan of street art, but tags really irritate me. 

I've taken today as holiday, there were a few little things I fancied doing, little projects and catching up with things here on the blog. So far I've spent the whole morning cleaning the house, not really what I had in mind, but its got to be done. It hasn't stopped raining all day here, though I think Mouser is more peeved by it than me! I'm going to head off to the supermarket soon and get that chore out of the way too, the weather is meant to improve tomorrow, so I don't want to be trawling the aisles with my trolley while the sun's out. Then we've a weekend of family, friends and a little relaxing, plus a possible trip to IKEA. What have you planned?


  1. Some overdue housework tomorrow morning ... and then a lazy weekend with some outdoor fun if the sun shines ... have a good one ... Bee xx


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