24 May 2013


  • Pie and Tit standing guard [behind I've been planting the raised bed Dad built]
  • waiting for the train, back in the mac as yet again rain is forecast
  • lunch at home [taramasalata on toast and tomatoes]
  • pretty table sweepings 
  • Mousekin having breakfast in the sun
  • more time waiting for trains
  • looking out the window
  • grey days in London
  • tasty dinners [fish, cheese and salads]
  • lunch at home [salad, toast and cheese]
Lately we've been spending spare time in the garden; making the most of the light evenings, sowing seed in the vegetable garden, weeding the flower beds and planting a new rasied one. We've rummaged through car boots for bounty and prepared delicious food to share. The weather has been pretty rubbish and we've consoled ourselves booking breaks away - first to Berlin and then to Sweden [Stockholm, Gothenburg and in between]. So please if you have any tips for cool things to do, must see places, places you love to eat, foods to try, shops to browse or anything you love please do share.

Images all from Instagram you can follow me there @nicekindofblue


  1. Such fine pictures! About Sweden: at the two blogs Fine Little Day & Sandra Juto there are city guides to Göteborg with tips to lovely places & Göteborg is beautiful. Stockholm I haven't visited yet, but I would love to!

    1. Ah thank you Sophie. I hadn't realised they both had city guides, I'll check them out! x

  2. love this collage, off to find you on instagram now! x


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