29 April 2013

garden moodboard - april 2013

I'm joining in with Karin and Åsa again with a monthly moodboard - a collection of seasonal flowers, and foliage from the garden. 

cow parsley • a little yellow flower from the rock garden (?) • geum • chaenomeles • a little pink flower from the rock garden (?) • cherry blossem • euphorbia • alkanet 

Do you know the names of those I don't?


  1. Beautiful blooms and colours ... Bee xx

  2. uurrrmmm...sorry, but I haven't a clue. They are gorgeous though.

    Nina x

  3. Beautiful! So lovely to see the blossom at last...

  4. Wow so much colour in your garden, these are gorgeous. I have the little pink ones in mine too - it's a Highlander red (only know as its still in the pot with the little label!) xx

  5. Ah, thanks for the comments, it's so nice to read them! And Caroline thanks for the name! I have a habit of sticking those labels in a box and forgetting them!


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