23 March 2013

wool house

Wool House, the worlds largest showcase of wool is currently on at Somerset House, but the last day is tomorrow, Sunday the 24th March. I had a quick visit during my lunch hour on Friday and absolutely loved it. Well worth a visit if your at a loose end tomorrow or can squeeze it in with your other plans. 

Cristian Zuzunaga | Claudy Jongstra | Cristian Zuzunaga
missed this designers name | Donna Wilson | Shauna Richardson
Anne Kyyrö-Quinn |  Anne Kyyrö-Quinn | Josephine Ryan


  1. Oh this looks really really nice! The bear is awesome!

    1. It was such a wonderful exhibition/showcase, whatever you call it! The bear really was awesome I wanted to give him a sneaky bear-hug, but thought best not ;-)


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