28 March 2013

garden moodboard - march 2013

I'm joining Karin again in her monthly moodboard series - a collection of seasonal flowers, and foliage from the garden. Last week felt so spring like and I would never have imagined then that I'd be rummaging in the snow for this month's garden moodboard!

chaenomeles • daffodil • hellebore • plum blossom • grape hyacinth • primula • hyacinth • daffodil • forsythia • honeysuckle [names left to right as they appear in top picture]


  1. beautiful! (and I will ignore the snow. just pretend it's not there! ;))

    1. I've been ignoring it too, seems to be getting the idea and melting away!

  2. So so sweet - love the flowers. I'm longing for flowers now, here it's so cold. :) Happy Easter!

  3. You did well considering the crazy weather. Lovely! x

  4. That photo of the flowers on the snow is beautiful!

  5. So pretty, just love all those Springy flowers on the snow. xx

  6. Swallow Barn, Karin, Andrea, Alexis, Caroline - thank you all for your sweet comments. Hasn't the weather been so cruel, the new leaves from a few weeks back now shrivelled by the cold! I really hope we get some milder weather soon (though I'm not wishing for April showers either).


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