8 February 2013

sometimes I get a little precious

Work can sometimes get me down, don't get me wrong I love what I do [design books that is], but sometimes it's a battle. Designing for other people can be so frustrating, too many fingers in the pie, too many watered down ideas. Sometimes I wish I could be more like the people whose work I choose to surround myself with, whose pictures cover the walls around my desk at home.  Doing what I want, taking the lead, following my creative flow not trying to double guess someone else's. It's not all bad by any means, sometimes I just get a little precious and want to hold onto an idea, that's all. Do you know what I mean? 

I'd like to list all the artists featured on my walls, but there are so many. If you're interested just ask. 


  1. oh, what a lovely wall! (and designing books sounds great to me! I always wanted to do something creative and never did (and now i regret).But I can imagine it can be hard to design for other people, especially when they want something you don't like at all...)

  2. For over 20 yrs I designed other people's books - mostly I enjoyed it, often it was stressful and pressured work. Then I started to do my own work alongside the book designing but I didn't know what my work was... I had become a chameleon. After about 5yrs I started to find my own visual voice... sometimes I wish I'd found it earlier but all those books and authors and editors taught me a hell of a lot of things!

    btw I have lots of those images on my studio walls.

  3. Hi, just found your lovely blog! I remember that feeling of frustration very well, I was a graphic designer for many years and the number of clients who diluted all my ideas into something mediocre was soul destroying! Trying to find my own voice and style now. It's a slow process, but it's getting there.

    Going to pop over to Instagram to look at you lovely pics there too.

    Have a lovely weekend :-)

  4. Wow your wall filled with so many pretty prints!

  5. Oh my goodness, I read that post and I thought I must be reading my own blog... I have been feeling EXACTLY the same, and it would appear that we have the same job... spooky! x

  6. I love looking at different people's work spaces and yours is special. I love the the taped picture idea, looks so cool!

  7. Andrea, Celia, Karen, Ting & Ben, Louise and Harri. Thank you all for your comments, I've really loved reading them and it's so nice to hear from people who have similar experiences, it's funny sometimes just knowing your not alone makes it not so bad! I do love what I do and fortunately I don't always feel like this. However this year I hope to do fit a little more creative stuff in on the side, doing stuff the way I want :)

  8. I love your new blog header! love love love...
    and all the creative things you have around you. I know about the frustration of people (especially people with marketing in their job title) coming along and messing with your vision, but glad we get the true you on the blog.
    Jealous of all these eggs too btw - go Tit!

    1. Thank you Alexis! And Tit is amazing it's been an egg everyday since last Sunday bar one.


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