5 February 2013

car boot bounty

We often start our Sunday with a visit to our local car boot sale. It's hit and miss, like they always are. I used to be disappointed when we didn't find something, now I feel a sense of relief when we come home empty handed. I don't want our home to become cluttered leaving us unable to see the treasures amongst the toot. I've become more picky over the years, and try to limit myself, sometimes I'll turn away from something that needs a bit of restoration knowing we don't really have the time for it, or if the colour or pattern doesn't make my heart skip a beat. Walking away can be hard especially when you know just a few hours work could make something really special. In those instances it's nice to think your leaving something good for someone else to find. 

A few recent treasures - that I couldn't resist:
  • Big battered tin with a slightly batty design
  • Quality Street tin
  • Pyrex ramekins in pretty shades
  • Nordic warrior [whose beard was in need of a good wash and blow dry]
You can see more tins here


  1. Love them!! I can't resist a good tin - and those ones are lovely. Think those funny little Viking figures are quite collectible - good find! x

  2. Ooh yes lovely finds! That Nordic warrior is fab. You know I never go to car boots. I really must! xx

  3. nice treasures. love that nordic warrior! :)

  4. I kept my crayons in a Quality Street tin just like that one, when I was very small :-)

  5. I love the Pyrex ramekins! I've become very picky at car boot sales too. Otherwise I end up with a load of clutter. Now I only buy things I really love and that I know I'll use. x

  6. Rachel - I just love tins, especially the big ones of that period, which generally seem tricky to find without spending a small fortune. And great to know the warrior might be collectible!

    Jen - You really must, they are such fun and can be so rewarding! Mind you I've never enjoyed the selling experience much.

    Andrea - Thanks, couldn't resist the warrior, with his huge axe. Bought a smile to my face the minute I saw him!

    Celia - What a lovely memory from your childhood. I've filled ours with Mr Mouse's treats.

    Col - The ramekins are lovely aren't they, I've been on the look out for them for years, so nice to finally find them.

  7. Loving the Nordic Warrior! He looks familiar, I think my Gran had one :)

    1. Annie - wonder if it was a holiday souvenir, I'm guessing that's what they were made for. A Nordic adventure, how exciting!


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