30 August 2012

Bilbao - Part 5 (the last one)

This is the last post in my little series on Bilbao. These are just images from around and about, buildings I loved, murals, sculpture etc. 

I worked from home today. It feels like a long time since I did that, though probably isn't so long in reality. It was a relief to be home and not commuting into London, Mr Mouse popping in to say hello from time to time, Tit giving me the odd quack from outside. I used my train time and lunch break to catch up on some much needed housework, and I even posted a few snaps on Instagram. I'll work from home again tomorrow. I'm still really busy and a bit stressed-out, but when your home sat on your own chair with nice things around you it's not quite so bad, that and the fact tomorrow's Friday!


  1. Hi Polly, clicked on your link whilst visiting seventytree. Great photography and posting on Bilbao. Never been but looks great - thanks for the tour :)

  2. love all your bilbao pictures! isn't it a fantastic town. we only flew in and out this time which was a shame but i do feel like bilbao and san sebastian are places we will keep going back to. x

    1. We'd had a fleeting visit years ago and it just lingered in my mind, now San Sebastian is on my list too.

  3. your pics are amazing!! makes me definitely want to visit.
    happy september to you ♥


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