26 January 2012


Everytime I come to do a post I get frustrated! It's the fact that I don't have a proper camera and my images look so poor compared to those on the blogs I read. I'm suffering with major camera envy of pretty much all of you! I've got my iphone and a little instant Casio type that was a hand-me-down from D's mum, so really nothing great. I love my iphone, the handiness of it always being there, the fact I can enhance my images with a whole host of different apps - it's great, but the quality just isn't there for everything I want to photograph. So I'm saving up and will soon (I hope) be able to treat myself to a decent camera! I just can't wait. But what do I choose? What do you use? Tell me please - I need any help and advice you can give, it's been years since I even entered a camera shop and I'm slightly scared.

So today's post is illustrated by a simple doodle, this is the type of thing I used to scrawl across exercise books as a kid. Oh I forgot how much fun some simple scrawling could be, especially on the computer - better than blue biro I think!


  1. I think a lot of your photographs have been really good! If it helps, try using something like Picnik.com to edit. Most bloggers use it even when they have fancy cameras!

    I bought a second hand Nikon DSLR last year and i'm still learning with it. But it's fun!

  2. Hi Jen, Thanks for your advice : ) I'm quite fancying an SLR but I'm also a bit worried about the size of them and carting it about. I like the idea of a second hand one though.

  3. hey meowsypants,
    your blog is kind of loverly jubberly.
    I enjoy your photos uh-lot!

    ex oh ex oh

  4. Hi Polly,
    I can't help you, because I'm only using my iphone and I have no good camera either, all I do is sometimes retouch my photos on iphoto, so pretty basic ;)
    But I'm happy for you that you can get a good camera, yay!
    But anyway, I enjoy your blog the way it is :)
    Also, I think I have a small sample of the DHC cleansing oil, if you want I can send it to you this way you can try it. I'll need your adress though. You can give it to me here:

    Have a great day (it's finally winter here in Paris)

  5. Love the illustration! :) I tend to use my iphone a lot and then clean up the pictures later... I do have an slr I inherited but it's a bit cumbersome but does take much better pics!

    1. Thank you :) Glad to hear you use your phone lots too. Yes that's my worry about an SLR the size of the thing and if I'd end up leaving it at home to avoid carrying it!


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