13 November 2012

hoard or collect - plates

Hoard or Collect is a little series, sharing the collections that fill our home. It crossed my mind to dedicate a day to this, "Hoard or Collect Wednesdays maybe? but I don't think I will, I've enough routine without adding more. So every once in a while I'll share a little more of the joys [joys to me, feel free to disagree] around our home.

Today a few of my mis-matched plates. I've collected them for years, some have been passed down to me and though perhaps they don't 'go', they'll stay. I've remembered more in the top of the cupboard - I'll save those for another time, along with the bowls, the cups, the pyrex, the storage jars and umpteen other collections of this and that.

So what do you collect?


  1. Love this series Polly, it's great seeing your collections. I have been collecting together some plates to put up on our wall once we have finished decorating. I used to have a big collection but had to get rid of lots of stuff when moving house to a flat a few years ago. I kept a few special ones though!
    I love the one with the black and blue semi circle. xx

  2. What a fab collection! Love them all. I'm always on the lookout for plates. Most are floral but I prefer mid century. Will keep looking :)

  3. What a fab idea. I love having a look at other people's collections. It makes me feel better about my own! Beautiful plates. I recognise some of them from my own collections. Its like seeing an old friend in a strange place.

  4. Great idea for a series!
    And what a lovely collection! I also have lots of different plates as home (not as much as you have though), and I love to 'mismatch' them when I have guests for dinner. I also have a small collection of robots and camera's and I guess if I think longer about this I will probably find even more things I hoard.. :)

  5. Nora, Caroline and Andrea, Glad you're all enjoying this series and share my enthusiasm for plates!! Do share your collections - I'd love to see. x

    1. Hi Polly. It took me a while, but I just posted one of my collections over at my blog :) Have a nice day! Cheers from Holland, Andrea

  6. What a lovely collection! I love mismatched china - why have one pattern when you can have 20?! I collect/hoard (depending on whether you ask me or my partner!) glass, tins, china, wallpaper and lots and lots of fabric - all from the 60s and 70s with a little bit of 50s thrown in too. Looking forward to seeing what you've got to show us next! x


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