5 October 2012

time to relax

Today I'm on holiday from work, I was was yesterday too. My work seems busier this year than last and last year busier than the year before, there is always lots to do and never time to take holiday. I still have many days left to take before the year is up, so I decided to just do it - take them and not worry about what needs to be done. I'm spending time at home, just doing the little things I want to get done and the things I enjoy. Yesterday I started by giving the house a good clean - it's easier to relax once that is done! Then I enjoyed a nice lunch, read some blogs and messed around on instagram, I spent time discovering how to use the app vsco cam, I like it, though it's quite slow to use perhaps because my phone is too full! I pottered in the garden with ducks for company. Today started with a walk. When I travel to work by train I always gaze out of the window wishing I could be walking in the countryside in the morning light, so that's exactly what I did today. Now back indoors with the cat for company, coffee and chocolate to keep me fueled. I'm going to start designing some Xmas cards (I know it's too early really, but otherwise it will end up too late and a rush). I also have a piano stall that I'd like to try and upholster, an apple crumble I'd like to bake, and nails I'd like to paint. Time flies fast when your having fun though...

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