9 October 2012

roll up, roll up!

Saturday was our local steam up, we cycled along late in the afternoon to catch a glimpse of some of the action. Steam engines fill the streets, locals sell apple juice, charities run tombolas and raffles, folk stand around soaking up the atmosphere drinking a pint or two. Children hitch a ride with Bill and Ben on their tractor or head to the fair to try and win a goldfish, fly through the air on the swingboats and slide down the helterskelter. While the old boys (generally it has to be said) tinker with their engines, the air has that sooty scent and the old fashioned organs pump out some old fashioned tunes. It's simple, it's fun, it's a bit bizarre and I just love that old organ music. 


  1. That looks amazing - and I love that top picture of the organ, stunning! x

  2. I loved going to these when I was little..my mum had records of the organ tunes :) always a happy family day out..looks like you had fun x x x

  3. Thanks for your comments, yes those organs are just so pretty, I love the colours of the lights too.


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