17 October 2012

pockets full of pebbles

I love walking along a pebble beach, my eyes pretty much glued to the ground, looking for that perfect pebble. I always bring a few home with me, perfect in their own ways, smooth from the oceans kisses, little sculptures, no two exactly the same.

Also found some rather exotic looking blooms along the way. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Alma :) I love your name by the way! Don't think I've known an Alma before :)

  2. oh yes - pebbles! I have little stacks of pebbles on my shelves. Each one representing a holiday somewhere. Treasure. xx

    1. Wish I could remember which pebbles were from where, way too many for that now!

  3. This post title made me think of Virginia Woolf putting stones in her pockets and walking into a river to kill herself. Just thought I'd let you know - cheery eh?


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