24 October 2012

One of the reasons we were so keen to visit Charleston here was the Rob Ryan exhibition being held there. D and I have been fans of Rob for years now, we've some of his prints from back when they were much, much cheaper. I was really keen to see his Staffordshire cats and dogs. I'd seen them online before but not in the flesh and they looked too beautiful to pass on. Indeed they were, often embellished with rich mirror-like gold they really are charming, all decorated in Rob's unique style and yet each pair so unique in themselves. Shame I couldn't do them justice in my photographs.


  1. Gosh those blue cabinets are lovely aren't they? I love that collection of plates inside them. And I think you have managed to take the pictures well, it's always really hard in a gallery under those bloomin' lights! x

  2. What a brilliant exhibition to see. I think your photos are great and I love how youve put them together like that. x


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