13 August 2012

I'm back

Hello, thought I'd better check in and say hi, it's been a while and actually feels like ages. I've been off work for the past two weeks, on holiday. I hadn't actually planned to take a break from blogging, it just happened that way and I'm glad it did. I feel like it was a real break, I feel refreshed, back on track and I even tink the bags under my eyes have got a tad smaller. I've barely looked at the screen at all with the exception of catching up on the news and a wee dabble on Instagram, other than that it's been like the old days.

We even managed to get away for a few days - four nights in Bilbao, Spain. A last minute decision but a great one, such a fantastic and inspirational city. Just thought I'd share a few of the snaps from my iphone that I shared on Instagram while we were there. I've a whole bunch more from the proper camera, but you'll have to wait a little longer for those. As well as Bilbao we've been getting on with a few things at home, and have had a few little day trips out, so I hope to share those with you in the coming weeks too. 

Hope you're all well, I've lots of catching up to do with your blogs - so happy times to come on the train for me (that's when I do my reading).

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  1. Hey, welcome back! It does feel good to take a break, looks like you made the most of it. Liking the look of Bilbao, great photos! Rachel x


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