14 June 2012

hiding in the light

I woke this morning to sunshine pouring through the windows, the forecast says it won't last so popped out with the camera to capture a few of the beautiful flowers that have been bursting open while I've been hiding indoors from the cold and the wet. The postman caught me and posed like a muscle man, it was hilarious I don't know why I didn't take a picture to share, I must have been in shock! 

If you've been following my Instagram snaps you'll see that little Tit is growing by the day, he's such a cutie, though doesn't 'alf make a mess! I'll try and get some decent shots to post here for you. Or you could take a look over at Instagram I'm 'nicekindofblue' as you might have guessed! I can't believe I was so slow to get the Instagram thing - I love it, it's so much fun and so easy. 

I've also decided to have another bash at Twitter, so you'll find me there too - yep I'm 'nicekindofblue', I'm getting the hang of it slowly. Let me know if your there too, I'm hopeless at finding people!


  1. Hi Polly, I love seeing what you are up to as well, thanks for popping by. That has to be the one garden gnome I have seen that isn't creppy, he's quite endearing. I didn't know you had red hot pokers in the UK, all your photos are fantastic. I'm not on Instagram as I don't have an iphone, but will go see gorgeous little Tit x

    1. Hi Gemma, He's our only gnome, I think one is enough - I spotted him and just loved his happy face and had to take him home. You don't see that many red hot pokers here, but they seem to like our garden - the soil is quite dry and they're thriving, the last two extra cold winters have bothered them either.


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