19 June 2012

6 random images from the weekend

1&2. Pelargonium Ardens, isn't it the most beautiful flower? So strong and bold yet so dainty and fine. If I were a flower I'd like to be this one, though I think it's probably far too refined for me. We bought it recently at Parsonage House, Helions Bumpstead, where the garden was open for NGS a few weeks back. I think it's quite a rare flower, apparently very hard to propagate I feel quite honored to be it's carer and hope we can keep it happy. 

3. We visited Kettle's Yard, in Cambridge on Sunday, where there was an exhibition of Alfred Wallis' ships and boats. They were rather beautiful, I loved this image above of a ship sailing past an orchard. There was another I loved of a ship climbing a very steep wave, unfortunately there wasn't a postcard available. I recommend a visit - really inspirational, his limited colour palette an inspiration in itself. I came away with a desire to have a little paint myself - something I haven't done for years. The exhibition is on until 8 July. We'd wanted to look round the house as well - it's an absolute must see, but it wasn't open until the afternoon and we had things to do, so another time for that.

4. We visited more NGS gardens this weekend. I snapped this image in one. The colours were so bright and strong, such a contrast to Alfred's paintings above - but I don't find these bright colours garish, just vibrant and passionate. It's these brights that I'm trying to fill our own garden with.

5. Three pebbles from my desk, I love these and just thought I'd share them - for no reason other than they make me happy. Part of me would like to paint on them, part of me not. I've lots of pebbles. Whenever we go to the beach I seem to come home with a few in my pocket! Do you do that? I'm sure I'm not alone. I store them in tins after a while as they get too dusty sitting about. I knew a lady once who had placed her collection around her garden, when she moved house she collected them all up and took them with her - too many memories attached.

6. Finally D captured a nice shot of our little Tit, with food round his mouth. He's getting so big now, really a nice size - more cuddly! I don't worry about hurting him with my big hands now, plus he's easier to catch - more to grab hold of!


  1. Oh these are beautiful snaps Polly. I love how you have captured your weekend and taken us with you! x

  2. Such gorgeousness all round and I still love that name Tit!

    I used to work on Castle Hill and even got married at the registry office, but I never visited Kettle's Yard - I'm such an airhead - the things that are right under your nose......though I think the lovely Emma at Silverpebble has some of her silver pieces in there. I'm sure I remember her telling me a wee while back 'oh well' I really must come and visit again soon.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina xxx

  3. Oh what a magic looking weekend. . . and i think i'm in love with your duck!

    rachel x

  4. Love your photos. The plant is beautiful and not to mention the duck cuteness :)

  5. Oh he's so huggable! I remember one school holidays having some ducks that I named when we stayed with family friends on their property. Your photo has pulled all those sweet memories back to the surface. The petals in that first photo just look amazing, great photo.


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