12 April 2012

where have all the hours gone?

I'm not sure what's going on but I haven't had much time for blogging lately. I'm really busy at work and it's a little stressful so I've just been trying to relax in the evening by staying away from my mac. Plus there seem to be loads of chores to do at home, the garden has really sprung to life and spare time seems to be filled. Also I'd got a bit lazy over winter and now I'm having to catch up! So I'm sorry if it's a little dull around here at the moment, I'm hoping things will pick up soon and doing all the chores will mean things are looking nice and I can share them with you! I still haven't treated myself to a proper camera, I keep meaning to look and research but that along with a million other things waiting for my time... Anyway do you like my new vase? I love it, my Dad found it and knew it was just the type of thing I'd love! Thanks Dad!


  1. I wonder if I'll ever feel like I have 'time' again... when I think about all those times I complained to my Mum about being bored when I was a teenager! Oh to have that time credited to me now would be amazing! I love the look of the print on the wall behind the vase, what is that?

    1. Oh yes to have those wasted hours back wouldn't that be wonderful!

      It's actually a sheet of wrapping paper in the background, D bought it to wrap my birthday present but didn't end up using it. It's called 'Berlin Rooftops' by Hannah Waldron.


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