8 March 2012

here today

I'm working from home today, I've got a lot to do, but without a break I tend not to work well. I'm a little worried about Shelley, she's seems under the weather so I took her round the garden for some fresh air (she's a house cat). I'm hoping a dose of fresh air will do the trick, but we'll take her along to the vet tonight for a professional opinion. Today is spring-like again despite us seeming to dip back into winter the past few days - let's hope spring stays this time! I'm also feeling better today, yesterday I was really grumpy (sorry D). Today I'm back to myself, I just hope Shelley will be soon.


  1. Lovely pics Polly! I like your desk, very nice. And I hope Shelley is better soon. It's never good when a pet is under the weather, you always feel so bad for them and they can't tell you what's the matter! x

    1. Thanks Jen. I keep having to go and check on Shelley, no idea really what I'm checking for, if only she could speak!

  2. Hope Shelley is ok? Our grey cat has been a bit off the last few days and it's hard not to worry! Love that you have the 'life is good' print and the cats on the colourful shelves :)

  3. Hi Zoë, Shelley is seeming a bit better this evening, thanks for asking : ) We took her to the vet again today and she had a blood test - so now has a little shaved patch on her neck! So now keeping our fingers crossed for good results.


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