1 March 2012

he did it!

It wasn't so long ago that I wrote this post, it never ceases to amaze me how a plant can turn from that to this so quickly, he's grown so much over the past month and a half and has now produced these flowers. Their beauty is incredible, 4 huge flowers have now opened - he did it again! 

I thoroughly recommend keeping amaryllis, they are so easy and this one hasn't failed me once.

I simply remove the flower stem once the flowers have completely faded. I then continue to water and when the frosts have passed I place him outdoors in his pot and continue to water throughout the summer months, he goes on producing leaves - nothing spectacular just the odd leaf. Then in the autumn I stop watering and place him indoors in the cool dark garage, the leaves die back and can easily be removed leaving just the top of the bulb protruding from the pot. When you're ready (I do it a few weeks before Xmas, but I guess other peoples cycles are slightly different) you can remove the top layer of soil and replace with fresh, bring indoors and start watering all over again, The leaves come first and then slowly day-by-day a flower stem appears.

P.S. The print on the mantelpiece is by Jen Collins, read her blog here


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