3 February 2012

marmalade men

On Monday evening we set about making marmalade. It took us a long time all in all and it was well past bedtime before we'd filled the last jar. The following day we were able to put little hats on and label the jars, they gained a pair of eyes each and became a little army of marmalade men! I look forward to them peeking out of the cupboard at me as well as seeing smiles on friends and family's faces when we give the odd jar away.


  1. Ah, they are incredible! Whenever I see good ideas like this, I wonder why I've never thought about it myself. I guess that's why we have each other. Must try to borrow your idea, it would be great fun!
    Happy weekend,

  2. I thought I had commented on these little men... They are just great!
    I finally picked my 5 favorite blogs :) Come take a visit. Oh and I have the DHC samples on my desk, but it's been crazy here and I just can't find the time to send them to you... I promise I'll do that quick!


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