12 January 2012

pleasure in the post

I'll collect anything, well not just anything but I am a bit of a hoarder. I started cutting the stamps off my post years ago and have been doing it ever since. I love the stamps, I love turning them over to see the colour and any patterns on the inside of the envelope too! I don't just keep the pretty ones, I love them all. The top picture shows just a random pinch from one of my jars, what a mixture - aren't they great? As well as collecting them from the post I take a trip to the post office every now and then and join the queue for the philatelic counter. I'm not interested in first day covers or anything fancy I just buy the ones I like the most and I can use on the post I send. I see the latest stamps from the Royal Mail are Roald Dahl stamps each featuring one of Quentin Blake's wonderful illustrations. Perhaps I'll pay a trip to the post office tomorrow.

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  1. I collect the stamps off my post too! Who knew? I keep on thinking I might find a really fun/useful/pretty use for them one day... Hasn't happened yet but I'll keep them just the same. It's the only collection I inherited off my mum (her other fifty odd collections, from fridge magnets to sugar sticks, leave me cold). I might take a pinch out of my pot and send o you the photograph one day ; )


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