19 January 2012

pictures in the post

I mentioned these Roald Dahl stamps here the other day and said how I hoped to go and buy some - well I did, some first class and some 76 pence stamps (for sending abroad). The illustrations are by Quentin Blake, Mr Dahl wrote the stories though it's Mr Blake's illustrations that spring to mind when I think of them.

But I didn't stop there, I went through the whole book of stamps at the philatelic counter and picked out any that took my fancy. I now have quite a collection, so lots of letter writing for me this year I think! 

Aren't they beautiful and far better than one of those printed label types? I'm not sure if all post offices sell them now, but if you're ever near Charing Cross, the post office there is well worth a visit as they have the whole selection. You just queue up at counter C, I've never had much of a wait except the one time I got stuck behind a real collector and wasted a whole lunch hour before giving up. 


  1. What a great hobby to have! I used to collect when I was young but I have no idea what happened to them. I love the Roald Dahl ones x

  2. How cool would that be to have Roald Dahl stamps in France too...


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