31 December 2011

snaps from 2011

pruning apple trees in January • buying tulips to brighten the house • the National Hyacinth Collection • wildflowers in the garden • breakfast • solar lanterns by night • poppies • the vegpatch • runner beans • cherry plums • early pickings • a spikey visitor  • little yellow courgettes and runners  • dalias from the car boot sale • squashes and sweetcorn • a few nights away relaxing • homemade chutney • steam up in the village • sunny mornings • autumn walks • tractor contesthome baked breadwaiting for trainsmisty morningslast of the applesfireworks nightgetting ready for xmas 


  1. Happy new year Polly!
    Is this your house? My God it looks like a dream place in the nature, I love your pictures, they are so natural and make me want to walk in the country and breath good air :) Homemade chutney and bread... ooh sounds like heaven!
    My best wishes to you and D!

  2. Happy New Year Anabelle and everyone :)

    Yes some of the pictures are our house/garden some just around and about. It's funny looking back on the year how full of nature our lives have become.

  3. These are great shots, making me excited for the year ahead and a bit of spring in the air!

  4. So much goodness in those photos - what a great wrap up of your year!


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