22 December 2011

lucky me

Wow lucky me! I won this competition over on award-winning designer Ella Doran's blog. My prize arrived in the post today, all beautifully wrapped in Ella's fantastic vintage bauble design wrapping paper. And you know from our tree how much I love vintage baubles. The paper is even printed on both sides - how cool is that! Definitely won't be ending up in the recycling bin. The prize itself is the Geo Diary and Ella's Patterns Calendar. Now that I use my phone as an appointment diary I'm thinking I might keep this one as a personal diary of what I get up to in 2012, much like I used to keep tucked away under my pillow as a little girl. The calendar will adorn our studio or kitchen wall - not sure which yet. 

What a great prize - thank you to Ella and her lovely team!

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