21 November 2011

sunday stroll

On Sunday morning we usually go to the car boot, but not this week. We fancied a change, our Sunday morning trip to the car boot was becoming a bit of a routine and I hate routine. Plus last week had been a bit of a disappointment as we came away empty handed - both of us! 

So instead we got up made bacon sandwiches using our own home-baked bread, then with full tummies we set off by foot for a little stroll around our neck of the wood. Well actually no woods at all, but plenty of trees, fields, hedgerows, railway line, a ford, and a river. We completed a big circuit chatting all the way, a lovely start to Sunday, a great way to spend time together, and discover a bit more of where we live.

It's funny when we lived in London we often went for lovely walks over the weekends and I guess we thought moving to the countryside we'd do more walking. Instead we normally find ourselves getting on with things; gardening, DIY - that sort of thing which of course we still found time for when we got back!

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