7 November 2011

big bunting, little bunting

I made this bunting a while ago, from the Boden catalogue, I thought it was rather sweet as they gave you all the lovely printed triangles - you just had to cut them out and stick on some string. It's been hanging in our lounge ever since.

Since they keep sending catalogues (and I've only ever bought one pair of shoes) I thought I'd best find a use for them. So why not make more bunting using all their lovely patterns, just little this time! Hence the pile of little triangles, just need to string them up.

Here they are fluttering around my desk, I've still got loads of little triangles left so might add a few more strings of them in the future.


  1. Haha how sweet! :) What a great idea. They're great as a decorative piece. What sort of items does the Boden catalogue sell? How interesting that they actually give printed triangles!

  2. Hi Lynnette, Thanks for your comment :)

    Boden sell clothing, for men, women and kids. They use lots of pretty fabrics so it's makes for great bunting! The printed triangles were a one off in a catalogue a few months back, it was printed on newsprint so the triangles were kind of regular bunting size and all fitted on one sheet. But any printed material will work you just need to cut triangles from the prettiest bits!

  3. What a lovely idea! I love it :)


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